Boards & Commissions

  1. City Council

    The City of Lakeville provides the foundation for healthy neighborhoods and successful businesses by investing in comprehensive planning, high-quality and efficient services, citizen participation, and effective partnerships.

  2. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission advises the City Council on issues involving the establishment of and compliance with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the zoning, subdivision, and sign ordinances.

  3. Parks, Recreation & Natural Resources Committee

    The Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Committee makes recommendations to the City Council regarding recreation and the parks, trails system and issues pertaining to Lakeville's environmental and natural resources.

  4. Economic Development Commission

    The Economic Development Commission (EDC) assists with the development of a comprehensive plan designed to enhance the quality of, and provide balance to, the business and residential communities.

  5. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee acts as the advisory body to the City Council and City staff regarding short and long term financial planning; financial policies and practices; local, state, and national trends in finance and economy; legislative issues; quarterly financial reports and comprehensive annual financial report; public communications; and education programs relative to City of Lakeville budget and finances.

  6. Lakeville Area Arts Center Board

    The Lakeville Area Arts Center Board advises the City Council on matters pertaining to the promotion, development and accessibility of the arts.

  7. Cable TV Board

    The purpose of the Cable TV Board is to ensure citizen participation in the administration of a cable franchise within this City, to identify present and future needs, and to provide advice to the City Council on the cable franchise agreement, renewals, and administration.

  8. Technology Work Group

    The purpose of the Technology Work Group is to identify opportunities and make recommendations for improvements to City services through the use of technology.