Annual Tree and Shrub Sale

The City’s 10th annual tree and shrub sale offers you an opportunity to celebrate Arbor Day and diversify the species in your yard. 

Pickup is on Saturday, April 22 from 9-10 a.m. at the Central Maintenance Facility (7570 179th Street West). This is the only day and time slot available for pickup. Bare root trees should be planted within 2-3 days.

  1. Order using an existing Parks & Recreation account user name and password, or
  2. Set up a new account, or
  3. Purchase as a guest
For more information about the tree and shrub sale, call 952-985-4600. For species selection, planting and tree care information, call 952-985-2724. 

Shade Trees

Conifers (Evergreen Trees)

Ornamental Trees


  • Several new species are being offered this year, and now you have the option to purchase trees grown in air pots in addition to bare root trees and potted shrubs. Air pots tend to create a denser root system and have the possibility of fewer encircling/girdling roots than a traditional pot/container. 
  • Not sure it’s worth buying a smaller tree instead of hiring a contractor to install a larger tree? Consider that for every inch in stem diameter, the tree will go through a year of transplant shock where it will only grow roots. Smaller diameter trees establish root systems and start growing taller/wider faster. In many cases because of their exceptional root systems, bare root and air pot trees can outgrow their “larger” tree counterparts simply due to the number of roots present at planting time and their ability to become established. 
  • All trees/shrubs reflect a savings off of typical retail prices. 
  • Purchasers will be notified by mail or email confirming which trees and shrubs are reserved for them.
  • No room in your yard? You may also purchase a Kentucky coffeetree or ancestry oak and donate it to a City park.
  • Unlike a retail nursery, these trees/shrubs do not have a warranty.
  • Written planting instructions will be provided.
  • Always remember to call Gopher State One Call two full business days before you dig 651-454-0002.
  • After you pick up your tree, plan to attend the City’s Earth Day Celebration from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Central Maintenance Facility.  In honor of Arbor Day, you are invited to learn some insider tips on planting and small tree pruning with a certified arborist held at 11 a.m. and noon during the event. You are welcome to attend the free ½ hour demo with or without a tree or shrub purchase.